The Cheesy Weeny

The Cheesy Weeny

It was the winter of 1996 and two friends, who grew up in Michigan as Detroit fans, were walking through a Kohl’s store and came upon a yellow crockpot with green G printed on the side. “A crockpot with a football teams logo on it?” You would never see one with a Detroit logo. They also weren’t aware of the “Packer Party”. Getting together every Sunday to watch the game with family and friends was not something you did in Michigan. It was always looking to next year, the rebuilding year. Unlike the Green Bay who will go on to win the big game in 1997.

One of the guys said “You could put the Green Bay colors or logo on anything and sell it. You could probably sell a cheese colored condom and call it -The Cheesy Weeny.” Over the next few weeks that idea was turned into a real product. 5,000 Lifestyles brand condoms were ordered and a package was designed. The Cheesehead Condom Company was started and the Cheesy Weeny Sport a Legend was born.

After winning the big game the media and fans were everything Green Bay. A press release was written and mailed to the Associated Press along with a few samples. The Associated Press ran the story and it went viral before viral was a thing (no social media at the time). The Cheesy Weeny story was picked up by newspapers across the country from the Green Bay Gazette to the Washington Post, Playboy Magazine (Farrah Faucet Issue), Radio shows like Dave and Carol on WKLH in Milwaukee to National broadcaster Rush Limbaugh. It was even a joke told by Jay Leno’s in his monologue. 

The condoms were sold and the idea ran its course… Until now! No more Cheesy Weeny condoms will be sold but a new line of Cheesy Weeny - Sport a Legend t-shirts are now available! Go Pack Go!


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